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It's been awhile

It's been awhile since my last blog. Before and after pregnancy. And now precious is 3months old. Time flies, indeed. Struggled through tough period coping with new born.  It can never be easy even til today.  Adjusting new life and coping between do and don't. Still remember i'm struggling with preterm issue, was put on bed rest for almost few weeks till a month . 5days in hospital during deliver period. It was so tough which makes me want to give up but i still made it. So grateful to have my relative n families who encourage during my darkness days in the ward.  Anyway . . . WORTH IT looking back then It makes me smile and remind myself how far i have gone. It makes me stronger. I guess is all about time and mental game. Confinement was tough as well, struggled with confinement food, sleeps, breast feeding and eventually to my worst colleagues & friends issue who call me up a few time during my tough period. Makes me super depressed. So after much consideration I…

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