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Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all Mum to be & all Mother's a Happy Mother's Day!
Mother is the biggest gift from god to all human being. Believe it or not she's the real queen protect you , it is not easy to be a mother. 
Round 1 Mother's day Dinner with my parents. Having dinner at The Woodgrove , tasty and mouth watering meal. 
Been craving for fried Mantou (Bun) for such a long time. However i was not allowed to eat chilli crab, so we change it to chilli lala instead. Yummy meal.

 Round 2 Mother's Day Dinner with my precious mother and father. Brought my parent to penang culture at causeway point, Newly opened. Sad to know there only serve ala carte only. But since my parents is a big fan of penang food. Why not?
Having our first starter.  Fried chicken wing, seafood tofu, meat fritter and lemon chicken.  Lemon chicken our favourite of all! 

On top of that, i also order one side bbq dish consist of Chicken satay, assam prawn and sotong.

All of us order one main dish for ourselves…

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